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Golden-Enhydro (Petroleum Quartz)


Golden Enhydros, also known as petroleum quartz, are one of the most beautiful, exotic and energetic of all quartz types.  They derive their name from the unique pockets of golden liquid they contain; pure, fluorescent oil. The golden rays of the sun were collected by ancient forests until deep underground, Mother Nature slowly and miraculously transformed that decayed matter back into pure, golden energy. Enhydro translates from Greek as water within. Whatever minerals are contained in quartz have their energy amplified and structured, producing a more accessible and potent healing frequency than when they appear alone. Even tiny inclusions with quartz are powerfully amplified by the principle of resonance. In addition to that, as their frequency has harmonized with that of its quartz host, it can now be programmed along with the quartz. This has far-reaching implications for those working with intention and programming. In today’s increasingly stressful world the importance of emotional health is becoming increasingly apparent. In nature, a liquid that cannot move becomes stagnated, just as stagnated emotions produce toxic by-products. Enhydros contain liquid trapped for millennia while remaining clean physically and pure in terms of frequency. When we contact these pristine natural frequencies, they act like tuning forks, helping to correct imbalances and deterioration in our own frequencies.