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What is an Illumination...

We all have this fabulous Luminous Energy Field that surrounds our physical body. Past experiences can clog this energy field blocking the healthy flow of our chakras. This can cause physical, emotional and mental dis-ease and upset.  In the Illumination process, a specific wound, whether past or present, is discussed and then cleared, which in turn clears the chakras and promotes a healthy balanced mind, body and spirit. A practicing Shaman is able to tap into the healing wisdom so generously provided by our Ancestors and, with their guidance, act as the conduit for healing in order to clear the wound. Once the wound is cleared the chakras are Illuminated with the Sacred Source of Divine Light and the shift to health, happiness and peace begins. Our sessions takes place in a quiet room on a massage table.

In the Peruvian Shaman tradition the mesa is a medicine bundle