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Soul Healing Sessions

What does it mean to honor your soul?  To take time for you…rest, relax, replenish, rebalance, recharge, reset.

Clear and cleanse your aura…

Treat yourself…Invest in your wellness…

Whether you are tired on a soul level…  physically, mentally, emotionally & energetically drained…  when sleep just does’t ease it…

Or you feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your soul….you just want to slip away to a time and space where you feel weightless-free-calm-carefree-and joyful…

Perhaps you have a physical or emotional issue that is limiting you…

Let me honor your soul in a unique experiential healing session

Your session will be multidimensional….

Sound, essential oils, crystals, vibration, shamanism, reiki and intuitive & past life messages…..

All while laying on our luxurious amethyst biomat - filled with crystals, copper, negative ions and far-infrared heat, relaxing and rejuvenating  you from head to toe.

You will feel refreshed, invigorated, yet calm and relaxed, fully expressing the divine soul you are meant to be. Let me be your guide on a soul journey calibration session…..


The Soul Calibration experience with Sarah Carr is illuminating, life-giving, and invigorating. And I say "experience" and not simply "session" because it's a complete journey TO and THROUGH yourself! The exploration feels like meeting yourself while walking a brightly lit path. And your session starts long before you even meet with Sarah! She does work before meeting you, so when you connect, she already has so much clarity on the wisdom and knowing of your soul that even if the session ended right after her initial impressions, you'd feel completely fortified. However, even after that, Sarah gently invites you to speak the questions on your heart and even does a full body health scan! 

You will feel affirmed in who you TRULY are and buzzing with gratitude. The session confirmed things I knew about myself deep within my soul. I felt guided, seen, heard, understood, and accepted from a truly all-loving, open and giving place. I left emboldened to be my true, sovereign, and FREE self with the understanding that I am always supported, safe, and on the right path — whatever path I find myself on. This session gifts you the language to describe your soul to others and then live and love those words wholly and intimately.

In essence, Sarah introduces you to yourself in clear, concise language, using images and analogies that draw you into what is, fundamentally, a story of yourself. The soul calibration session is a homecoming through self-recognition and self-acceptance. Deep, deep gratitude, Sarah. Thank you and the team for walking me home to myself. 

~Stacia Y. 

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