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Welcome, we are honored to meet you!

Dragonfly Art and Soul is a woman-owned, family-owned business. A Mother-Daughter collaborative that bridges generations and brings you a multidimensional experience for your unique soul's journey.

We're fondly referred to as "Little Lily Dale" because we offer a multitude of services and resources as a holistic wellness center and metaphysical, spiritual, and crystal boutique with the largest and most unique selection in WNY. Our therapeutic and transformative programs are designed to inspire joy, creativity, positivity, inspiration, love, and play. Dragonfly Art and Soul is for the holistic-minded seeker ready to embody their authentic soul!

 We are a magical space where Art + Inspiration + Soul are infused daily in nurturing and transforming mind, body, and spirit. We provide tools for personal and spiritual growth through workshops, special presenters, artisan events, and classes where we explore everything from inspirational stump message passing to meditation to mediumship and more! 

At Dragonfly Art & Soul, you will feel comforted, accepted, liberated, and loved while enjoying an unrivaled growth experience. Dragonfly is a community where transformation is ignited and alchemy transcends. Our practice is patient, heart-centered, empathic, and instilled with integrity. We never compromise quality in the service of your expansion and connection with your higher self. 

Are you ready to embody the dragonfly's spirit of transformation, renewal, power, and presence? We look forward to welcoming you and walking you home to yourself. 

Our Values...

At Dragonfly Art & Soul, our guiding words are: 








Yes, the acronym for our guiding words spells H.E.A.L.I.N.G! 

In an era of harmful self-help myths, misleading gurus, and ego-based, money-oriented "self-development" businesses, we intend to provide you with honest, heart-centered, empathic, and truly client-focused care instilled with integrity and in the service of your expansion. 

Our focus is not just on selling the services and products we provide, but walking the path alongside you! We inspire, transform, and nurture in equal measure.

Those who embody the spirit of the dragonfly have an unwavering sense of self that comes with maturity,

new light and joy, good luck, swiftness, purity, harmony, strength, happiness, courage, hope, love & prosperity.

and How We Live Them

When we connect with clients — or bring clients together — we want you to share the feeling of having found a new "home." We are dedicated to providing a safe, sacred, and stimulating space where you can playfully explore, and we can work with you at your own pace and preference. 

We design our spaces and programs in a way that you will let out a big sigh and say, "This is what I’ve been searching for. And this is the version of me I've missed and don't often get to be!" We work so our clients continue to describe our space and services like a big long hug or a tall drink of water on a hot day. Our soul-tribe works in harmony with you to awaken your unique talents, gifts, and self-expression in a sanctuary of peace and tranquility. We educate and encourage; we soften and strengthen; we challenge and caress; ultimately, we draw you IN to pull the real you OUT! 

And we won't ever ask you to do anything we haven't already experienced personally — and mastered. 

We promise not just a SAFE but also a BRAVE space where you are empowered to take risks, make mistakes, and boldly evolve. 

We are distinctly aware of our duty as catalysts in a time of great global transition and ready to guide and join you in clearing, healing, releasing, alchemizing, and raising our vibrations so we can actively co-create a world where we are all seen, heard, encouraged, accepted, loved, and truly free to BE. 

One visit will leave you relaxed, renewed, rejuvenated — and imbued with the lightness of being that has been the trademark of the dragonfly for the last 300 million years.

We welcome you to Dragonfly Art & Soul! 

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