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Meet our founder Sarah J. Carr

Sarah’s love of beauty, art, nature, healing, transformation and connection to spirit began at an early age.  As a young child, Sarah experienced her first NDE, which she vividly remembers, and it opened the doors to spirit. At that time Sarah’s spirit guide, Barbara, became her teacher, guardian and inspiration to study all things esoteric…

Mediumship, crystals, divination, chakras, the aura, sound/vibration, alchemy, aromatherapy, herbalism, hermeticism, meditation, ancient mystery schools, as well as Peruvian shamanism. 

Sarah is an artist (BFA), Reiki master, shamanic practitioner, empath, and intuitive reader/healer.

She is also ordained in the order of Melchizedek, committed to service through teaching and healing.

For as long as she has been studying, she has drawn inspiration from spirit and the dragonfly. In almost every culture, the dragonfly’s agility and iridescence have come to symbolize transformation, renewal, power, and poise. Those who embody the spirit of the dragonfly have an unwavering sense of self that comes with maturity, new light, joy, luck, swiftness, purity, harmony, strength, happiness, courage, hope, love and prosperity. 

Sarah’s work is a way to remind and inspire us to live profoundly, fully, and with grace. Just as the dragonfly skims below the surface in its flight across water, her work is an invitation to dive deeper into feeling and the meaning of life.

Whenever she creates, heals, or teaches, magic occurs. She is transported through time and space, and a glimpse of the Divine appears. Sarah sees beauty and potential in everything, she works in the "cosmic or unseen" realm of beauty unfolding, helping people achieve a state of inner and outer peace and happiness while understanding their own divine soul. 

Sarah utilizes her various inspirations to create and heal in service of the soul, so that we may find our way back to ourselves emotionally and spiritually, rediscovering the unique modes of expression deep within us. Sarah loves to teach and mentor others and help them to discover and harness their gifts. She has developed a unique practice of aura/soul readings and honor your soul healing sessions that are a collaborative of elements from her many studies. Her passion finds a home in her sanctuary… Dragonfly Art & Soul....


The Dragonfly Labyrinth

Learn more about walking the ancient archetypal path.

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