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Meet our founder Sarah J. Carr

Hi, I'm Sarah J. Carr: Visionary, Alchemist, Facilitator

Hello Beautiful Soul, 

Let me introduce myself. 

I have been a spiritual student since I was a small child. I had a Near Death Experience (NDE) at a young age and remember it vividly. It was then I met my spirit guide (Barbara - who is African, smokes cigars, astral travels, and watches over many) and was gifted a deep knowing and understanding of our connectedness to everything. 

As an adult, I became a secret investigator of the metaphysical and esoteric. But it wasn't until I had my second profound encounter about 11 years ago that I "woke up." I took ownership of my life, and I recognized that I had the wheel and could create the life I wanted that supported and respected me! I emerged from the closet and openly went full force into my spiritual study and practice.

I am now a certified Reiki Master teacher and an ordained minister in the order of Melchizedek. I have also studied the Peruvian Shamanic path, mediumship, crystals, divination, tarot and oracle cards, chakras, the aura, sound/vibrational healing, alchemy, sacred geometry, aromatherapy, herbalism, hermeticism, meditation, ancient mystery schools, BioGenesis, and the Akashic Records. I lead mediations and teach all things esoteric. I am also an intuitive reader, healer, and channeler, and working on a book of my messages that began in 2014. People often call me a crystal whisperer.

For as long as I've been studying, I have drawn inspiration from the spirit of the dragonfly. In almost every culture, the dragonfly’s agility and iridescence have come to symbolize transformation, renewal, power, and poise. Those who embody the spirit of the dragonfly have an unwavering sense of self that comes with maturity, new light, joy, luck, swiftness, purity, harmony, strength, happiness, courage, hope, love, and prosperity. 

This grounded essence of the dragonfly is what I desire to continue to draw forth from myself and you. My unique experiential soul calibration practice taps into and releases the patterning and imprints on the soul to beautifully alchemize or transcend your limiting beliefs, negativity, pain, etc., and restore balance and calm to your body, mind, and spirit.


My work is a way to remind and inspire us all to live profoundly, fully, and with grace. Just as the dragonfly skims below the surface in its flight across water, my work is an invitation to dive deeper into feeling and the meaning of life. 

I say visionary as I have been given very strong prophetic vision. I can sit with someone and see past, present and future, see patterning and influences, and, most importantly, their highest soul potential and expression if they live in flow and alignment. I see what must be cleared in their path to allow that.


My passion is to help you achieve a state of inner and outer peace and happiness while understanding your divine soul by working in the unseen realms of spiritual alchemy and teaching you the process of transcendence. I have walked the path to empowerment and have a perspective that can only come from experience. I'm inspired by my own path to freedom and setting an example for my daughters. And I resolve to be the type of leader who lights the way for others and saves them some of the heartache along their journey. I had no support on my path (until recently), and I don't want you to ever feel alone.


My process employs my various inspirations, studies, and experiences to help you find your way back to yourself emotionally and spiritually by rediscovering the unique modes of expression deep within you. I have developed an uncommon practice of aura/soul readings and calibration sessions that are a collaborative of elements from my many explorations. I also facilitate events and connections; I make things happen for people and connect people that are meant to meet and work together.

My love of beauty, art, nature, healing, reading, teaching, transformation, and connection to spirit, all find a home in the sanctuary that is Dragonfly Art & Soul.

Are you ready to come fly with me and your Dragonfly Soul Tribe? 

Let me be your "soul alchemist." I'm ready to shine and serve you in becoming your most extraordinary and true self! 


The Dragonfly Labyrinth

Learn more about walking the ancient archetypal path.

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