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Get Quiet: 7 Simple Paths to the Truth of Who You Are


Follow the ancient pathway of the labyrinth on a seven-circuit journey that taps the energy of body and soul to reconnect you with your deepest self and truest gifts.
"This book has the power to connect you with your soul and transform your life."
Kristen Butler, founder of Power of Positivity

We're living in frenetic times. Amid the busyness and complexity, you may also feel directionless and overwhelmed. Maybe you know there’s more to life, but you have no idea what that "more" is. Maybe you sense there's a message you need to hear, but the noise of everyday life is drowning it out.

Get Quiet is your guide to turn down the volume and tune in to the voice of your soul.

In these pages, coach and healer Elaine Glass invites you to walk with her on the Get Quiet Way—a practice of healing and transformation inspired by the classical form of the labyrinth. You’ll follow seven circuits of reflection and discovery, each engaging an energy point on the body to awaken its particular power, until you reach a still point at the center—a sacred space where you can connect deeply with the truth of who you are. Finally, you'll step back into the world feeling stronger and clearer, more at peace, and open to new possibilities for a life of purpose and joy.

"A timely antidote to the overwhelm that so many of us are feeling. Just as healthy foods are the right medicine for your body, Get Quiet is the right medicine for your soul."
Mark Hyman, M.D., author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Young Forever