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White Howlite tumbled stone is a calming stone, decreases an overactive mind and can assist with meditation. Howlite prepares the mind to receive insight and wisdom and heighten creativity. White howlite is often believed to be an excellent stone for meditation, and has been used by practitioners to focus the mind. The grey spidery veins are thought to be like intrusive thoughts, to be acknowledged and then passed by. For this mental calming effect, some believers advocate placing howlite under an insomniac's pillow, to promote serenity of mind and to empty it of distracting thought. It is also thought to have properties that help relieve stress, open up memories of previous lives, strengthen bones and teeth, among other benefits. This versatile stone is named for Henry How, a 19th century mineralogist, who found it first in Nova Scotia. While howlite can be enjoyed for its own beauty, it's most famous for the other stone it's usually tapped to stand in for: turquoise. Because howlite is soft and takes on rich hues of color when it's dyed, it becomes an inexpensive alternative to luscious lapis lazuli, cherry red coral or tantalizing turquoise.