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Whispers of Aloha


Embrace the bliss, empowerment, and spirit of Aloha through Angela Hartfield’s oracular ode to her island home. In her signature style, Angela illuminates the wisdom within the artworks, so they convey personal meaning for detailed and revelatory readings. The lush imagery by Maui-based Christina DeHoff provides a visual connection to the elements, deities, nature, and joys of Hawaii. Revel in glorious inner and outer landscapes, dance where worlds meet, and immerse yourself in wonder as you discover direction, guidance, purpose, and harmony.



Angela Hartfield's love of Hawaii, its customs, and its waters shines in every card of this gorgeous oracle deck. With breathtaking illustrations by Christina De Hoff and a companion book full of Hartfield's signature wisdom, this 44-card deck provides detailed and revelatory readings for any situation life brings you. Each card offers an inspiring message, and the splashes of vibrant color and enchanting figures are sure to soothe your stress and uplift your spirit.