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Crystals Made Easy


An accessible, authoritative guide to working with crystals for healing and transformation, from the #1 bestselling author of The Crystal Bible

Crystal healing and therapy is experiencing an incredible new resurgence as it enters the mainstream, yet Judy Hall—internationally recognized crystal expert—has been pioneering crystal work for over 45 years. Over the course of her long career, she has become the go-to teacher on crystal healing. Combining all of her expertise in one book, she brings us Crystals Made Easy, the perfect guide to working with crystals for the complete novice.

In this book, readers can expect to learn all about the immense benefits that working with crystals can bring to their lives. Judy explains, in a way that is easy for a complete beginner to understand, what the reader can use crystals for, how to choose the right one(s) for their needs, how to cleanse, charge and attune them, and how to harness their full power to benefit the reader's life.

This is the most concise, authoritative title on the subject from the leading expert on crystal energy.