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Lemurian Quartz Points


Lemurian Quartz has a very high vibration, making it great when doing healings. Lemurian Crystals are considered one of the "Master Crystals”. The 'seeds' often have stair-step lines, triangular record keepers, rutile needles, crystal keys, and so much more can be discovered when viewing these stones. Lemurian Quartz Crystals are a wonderful tool to use when clearing and activating the Chakras. An amazing healer assists in removing all types of energy blockages. The ladder-like striations are known as the Stairway to Heaven, bringing balance and harmony within. These crystals are coded with Lemurian vibrations. They can open the heart so self-healing can happen and your true self can emerge. It is a very beautiful crystal that may help you to open your past with compassion and understanding of why. Lemurian Seed Crystals is believed to carry the consciousness & precious knowledge of Lemuria. Their energy multiplies and focuses the energy of Quartz many times. Used to open and cleanse all chakra and meridians. Lemurians hold the knowledge primarily concerned with spirituality and communication across the light spectrum to beings of higher energy levels.