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The Law of Positivism Healing Oracle: A 50-Card Deck and Guidebook


Discover how to attract positivity, healing and good vibes into your life with this inspiring 50-card oracle deck which includes illuminating, uplifting artwork.

From the founder of The Law of Positivism Instagram page comes a beautiful, energetically inspiring oracle deck to help you work with the philosophy of raising a collective vibration through positivity, self-love and gratitude. Shereen Öberg and artist Lori Menna have collaborated to help you find and actively create healing through conscious awareness and tapping into your different layers.

The stunning artwork and insightful guidebook will show you that we are made up of many layers. When we find balance in one of these parts of ourselves, we can balance the rest of our system. Techniques, tips and strategies are included in the guidebook, alongside empowering messages and guidance. You will experience:

· Mental healing
· Emotional healing
· Energetic healing
· Spiritual healing
· Physical healing

Find out how to heal the wounds of a past life, use meditation and breathing exercises to raise your positive vibration and release fears, worries and negative emotions in order to reach a state of inner gratitude, peace and abundance.