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Crystalpedia: The Wisdom, History, and Healing Power of More Than 180 Sacred Stones A Crystal Book


Discover the healing power of more than 180 crystals in this ultimate guide to mineral magic

Crystals have been used for centuries around the world to promote wellness, fertility, prosperity, healing, and more. Founder of America’s largest retailer of gemstones, Sage Goddess, and bestselling author of three books on metaphysical topics, Dr. Athena Perrakis dove deep into the crystal literature on a quest to heal herself and discovered the profound power of healing crystals. In this A to Z compendium of crystal wisdom designed both for beginners and advanced crystal healers, she collects their histories, geologies, mythologies, and healing capabilities all in one place for the first time.
In these pages, you’ll learn:

• Where each crystal originated in the earth’s core
• The science behind its beauty and magical qualities
• How best to use each crystal for healing
• Its resonance with your chakras and astrology
• How to integrate each crystal into your daily routine
• Rituals for better sleep, manifestation, harnessing the power of the full moon, and more

With dazzling photography, this book is not only a reference guide but also an oracle to guide your journey, whatever your goal is. Simply set an intention, ask a question, and then flip through the pages until your intuition tells you to stop. You’ll meet the stone you are being guided to discover.
It’s time to unlock the power and wisdom held within the Earth’s sacred stones.