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Buffalo Art & Inspiration Card Deck


This deck is a special collaborative between Dragonfly Art & Soul owner Sarah J. Carr and her dad Jame Carr. Captured through the eyes and stories of his childhood this deck is a daily dose of Buffalo Art & Inspiration. 

Reviewed by Indie deck review: 

"The Buffalo Art and Inspiration Deck features 48 square shaped cards + images from all over the Nickel City.  Each card has a keyword and phrase paired with a photograph and a wide colored border around the outer edge. The border colors are earth-toned (blue, brown, grey, and slate), and sort of seem to function as suits within the deck. The photos of locations + Iconography of the city are interesting because they function to transport you right there. They trigger memories + connections to previous experiences of these places and images; or alternately help you see them in a different light.

This deck is fairly mainstream oriented and less spiritual in nature; which is to say:  it features images of sports arenas, beer brands and pride in patriarchal structures.  However, this deck could be a really great gateway deck or gift for the BUFFALOVER in your life who is curious about oracle + tarot, but unsure about diving into the deep end"