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Back to School Essentials Kit


Clear Quartz point  
Black Tourmaline  
Pink Jasper   
Orange Calcite 

Amazonite - , Hope, and Trust, Enhance Intuition, Creativity, Boundaries

Angelite- Connecting with Guides,  Communication, Calming

Clear Quartz point - All Chakras Healing, Enhancing, Amplification

Black Tourmaline  - Protection, Grounding, Encourages Positive Attitudes, Good Luck, and Happiness 

Lepidolite - Calm, Trust, Acceptance, Balancing, Transformation, Relaxation, Self-Love, Patience, Optimism

Pink Jasper  - Empowerment,  Unconditional Love ,  Courage, Metamorphosis

Orange Calcite  Eases Fear, Joyful,  Creativity, Balancing Energies

Howlite  - Calming,  Relaxation, Grounding, Awareness , Sleep Aid

Selenite - Mental clarity, Decision Making,  Aura Cleansing, Protection