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Amber is a botanical tree resin filled with a medley of hydro carbonic material. Technically the geological community does not define Amber as a crystal due to its creation stemming from organic matter. Amber’s main uses are in jewelry, amulets, and trinkets in the hopes of healing and warding off negative deities. In ancient and modern Chinese medicine, Amber is believed to have an abundance of healing properties.

Amber resonates directly with the solar plexus and sacral chakra system. Without constant use and expansion of your own personal knowledge, these defining parts of who you are can slowly become stagnant through inactivity. Amber re-educates you on how to express your emotional body and channel your true inner being. When working with Amber, do not forget that what you hold in your hands is a piece of ancient matter that formed in an entirely different world. The energies within old Earth were extremely volatile and housed potent life-force vitality. Elements within that time allowed for giant beings, creatures, animals, and trees to grow and flourish. You too are able to harness this energy that once provided the necessary nutrients for this unexplainable growth.