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Secret Teachings of the Hidden Masters


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Secret Teachings of the Hidden Masters is a collection of mystical knowledge and spiritual wisdom found at the core of mankind. The Teachings themselves are timeless and transgress virtually every culture on Earth. Contained within these pages is an ancient codex of Sacred Knowledge passed down through oral tradition over the ages. Author S.E. Kenneth Cosentino crafted this work of literature painstakingly over the course of ten years. During this time he studied among seers, prophets, sages, shaman, mystics, monks and medicine people. In February of 2012, he was read his Last Rites while laying on his death bed. While he was shaping this book, the Teachings were shaping him.

From the introduction by S. Quanaah:
“Secret Teachings of the Hidden Masters reveals some of the common threads of humanity by highlighting the stream of consciousness that has made enlightenment possible throughout the planet earth. To the studious, this is a jewel. To the curious, this is a door to another reality. To the religious, this is the language your leaders have historically forbid you to learn. To the occultist, this is the practical magic veiled in ritual. To the skeptic, this is a fun house mirror.”