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Mind Body Spirit Release™

What is Mind Body Spirit Release™ ?

A non-invasive method to help you recognize and release what could be holding you back on an energetic plane. It is an individualized holistic technique that takes away negative emotions and blocks to positive emotions for better overall health, relationships and success, improving all areas of your life.  

Kimberly Goerss is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and retired nurse. In a Mind Body Spirit Release™ stuck negative emotions are removed at the cellular level and in the subconscious. It is a non invasive technique using the practitioner's energy with the client's energy. A cold laser is then used on specific reflex points and meridians to open the energy flow in the body. This releases these toxins and imprints, increasing effective and efficient energy healing throughout the body. Peeling away those layers is a transformative process.

Visit to learn more or call Kim directly at 716-481-3687. Schedule your Mind Body Spirit Release session at Dragonfly Art & Soul by calling 716-634-5950.